Lauren Russ-Constant on Exploring Identity: The Act of Self Deepening

We often think that we know ourselves, but there is still a lot that remains untouched and is to be discovered. In this episode I‘ll talk with Lauren Russ-Constant about exploring identity; the act of self-deepening and consequently how important the role of identity is in building the legacy of your dreams.

Barbera Schouten: Being 100% Yourself

In this episode Jochem interviews Barbera Schouten about how you can stop caring what other people think and create the life you love to wake up for. Are you ready to step up, take off your mask and align your life in full authenticity, so that you can be 100% yourself? Tune in now!

Pia Prana Muggerud: Standing in Your Own Truth

Have you ever felt like hitting a wall and being completely out of congruency with yourself? Pia Prana Muggerud’s work is all about being real. Tune in to get to know her transformational story and the steps you can take to become closer to realizing and standing in your own truth.

Jen Vuhuong: Purpose Is The Way

Jen Vuhuong believes that you have a great potential to do something that matters! From a silent Vietnam countryside being called “weird, impossible” kid, she became an international engineer, a 2-time top Master degree scholar, then a TEDx speaker, personal development trainer and writer, coaching people over 30 countries. She is dedicated to help you to believe in yourself and your dream and make it possible!

Christine Lieu: Creating Your Bold Legacy

Have you ever considered to creating your bold legacy, but you don’t know where to start? Christine Lieu, the expert behind CL Designs and the Brand Party Podcast, is a wonderful example who made it happen and reframed her definition of success and freedom: she traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. Christine now helps purpose-driven businesses create cohesive branding, web design, and social content.

Lena Papadopoulos: Embody Your Purpose and Change the World

In this episode Jochem interviews Lena Papadoupolos, a Life Purpose and Transformation Coach. Lena shares her vision and life story about living a purposeful life through embodying the truth of who you truly are without the masks, without performing and without pretending. Are you ready to unleash the magic in you?

Monique Blokzyl: Discover Your Message To Impact The World

Do you want to learn how you can exponentially grow your business using the Power of Your Voice? In this episode Monique Blokzyl will share her 5-step speaking blueprint so that you can turn your message into your golden key to success.

Jayne Sanders: The Importance of Living on Purpose and How To Find Yours

In this episode Jayne Sanders uncovers a blueprint to your innate purpose and success. Using Scientific Hand Analysis, she will reveal that our hands contain very specific information about who you are and why you are here and ultimately how it can help you find inspired meaning and fulfillment in your work and life.

Dr Angela Wilson: Mind Power Magic

Dr Angela Wilson had led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find. Called as the authority of the unconscious mind, she will share her cutting-edge discovery of the easy path to liberate from the mind prison and live a free and purposeful life.