Dr. Benjamin Ritter: Create a Career You Love

Dr. Benjamin Ritter joins Jochem in the podcast to talk about self-leadership and the steps you can take to cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful work environment around yourself. Dr. Benjamin Ritter, Founder of Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting, is a Leadership and Career Coach.

About Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Dr. Benjamin Ritter is a leadership and career coach, L&D director, values geek, international speaker, podcaster, author, mentor, and passionate about guiding others in finding, creating, and sustaining a career they love.

With over 10 years of experience working with clients from companies such as Amazon, Coursera, Doordash, Google, Fiserv, Northwestern, Pinterest, and Yelp, Ben understands how to navigate any career path you decide you want to travel.

Since launching his coaching practice, he has guided hundreds of professionals toward creating the career they love and has impacted thousands through his events and media content.

From empowering young professionals to get unstuck, to guiding senior leadership on how to stand out from the competition, develop executive presence, and feel confident in being a leader, Ben is an expert in his field and will guide you toward truly living for yourself at work and in life.

Ben received his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a focus on value congruence and job satisfaction and earned an MBA in entrepreneurial management and an MPH in health policy administration.

In this episode we talk about:

(1) Ben’s personal story

  • During his time as a healthcare executive and side hustling entrepreneur, he was overworked and under-utilized.
  • Despite his professional success didn’t feel successful.
  • After much introspection, he pivoted professionally and launched himself into the field of leadership development and personal empowerment.
  • The culmination of these events and his previous personal, professional, and educational experiences led him to create Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting.


(2) Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship

  • How to figure out what motivates you about being/becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Dealing with money & income while building your business.
  • When you should decide to leave your job.
  • Changing mentality towards your dreams.

(3) The baseline to crafting a career that you love

  • An easy step you can take to find more meaning.
  • How to cultivate a fulfilling environment around yourself.
  • Slight changes you could make that cause big changes to your levels of happiness at work.

(4) Self-leadership & showing up as yourself

  • A powerful exercise to define your values.
  • Creating boundaries and commitments to live your values.

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