Ariel Jaye: Why Eliminating Plan B is the Key to Fulfilling Your Purpose

Ariel Jaye joins Jochem to talk about the importance of prioritizing enjoyment and fulfillment at work. Ariel tells why she quit her job to help people step into their authentic self-expression and why doing something that you love is the key to a fulfilling career path.

About Ariel

Ariel is a Purpose Coach who empowers heart-centered, impact-driven professionals to realize their unique purpose and potential, so they can take their next career steps with clarity and confidence. She currently serves on the Innovative Advisory Board of Kula For Karma, a nonprofit organization pioneering the integration of therapeutic yoga, meditation and stress management into mainstream medicine and healthcare. She also volunteers as a student mentor with Onetruezone, a nonprofit organization that provides career coaching services to college students. With a background in sport, nutrition, sociology, psychology and business, Ariel provides a holistic approach with individuals who are striving for healthier and more fulfilling work lives.

Connect with Ariel

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In this episode we talk about:

  • The importance of loving the work that you do.
  • Ariel’s transition from corporate to purpose coaching.
  • Why she felt the need to change.
  • How to deal with money and uncertainty when starting your own business.
  • Why you should not work to make a living, but work to make it meaningful.
  • The importance of having coaching or mentorship in your career.
  • Why you must be willing to lean into the uncertainty.
  • The 3 elements to finding your purpose.
  • Ways to find your natural gifts and strengths.
  • How to be consistent and stay committed to your purpose, process, and journey.

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