Bringing together a tribe of dreambuildrs to inspire positive change in the world.

Dreambuildrs helps professionals thrive in business and life. We support your growth journey through events, workshops, mentoring, coaching and a purpose-driven community who dare to pursue their dreams.

How Dreambuildrs Works

Do you want to meet like-minded professionals, inspired by purpose and growth?

Reinventing Growth

To simplify your growth journey by going beyond modern education;
sharing ideas and practices that prioritise purpose, talent and skills that matter in an agile world.


We are a collaborative support network of purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to help each other solve challenges, get clarity and achieve the unimaginable.

Transformational Events

We build events that inspire, empower and connect.  From local meetups & workshops created with experts, to life-changing adventures with like-minded peers.

Meet Jochem Doolaard

“Hi, I am Jochem and I have always been obsessed with one question: how to unleash your fullest potential to live an extraordinary life? That became my journey. And funny enough, I thought the best way of doing that, was by actually centering that question at the heart of this educational platform.

I created dreambuildrs with the intention to unleash your fullest potential. So that you can build and bring new ideas to the world. Find unconditional support by connecting you with an amazing tribe of dreambuildrs. So that you don´t have to do that alone. You will meet like-minded people, who lead an authentic and amazing life. Contributing with their unique talent to inspire the world.

However, life can come with consequences if you don’t fully embrace your talents and ignore your calling. You might feel stuck, live with less purpose or energy and get caught in your day-to-day job. Although I have built a great academic and professional background, I often asked myself how to truly function as an authentic human being, without imposed ideas or beliefs that we gather along life (school, work, family etc.).

The truth is, you have to choose what makes you happy from within. And that takes courage. Because, you might need to leave your job, say no to your friends, free yourself from limiting beliefs. And start doing things that truly matter to you. Like travel to places, you have always wanted to visit, do that volunteering project, visit various life-changing personal growth seminars around the world. And begin your new journey.

That is exactly my story.

I studied hard, worked for almost a decade at Unilever, had dynamic roles such as business partnering. Then, I quit after finding the need to build my real dream. Today my passion is to bring together a tribe of Dreambuildrs to inspire positive change in the world.

We do that by being authentic, centering the community, and give you access to epic learning experiences that inspire positive change.”


My passion:
Leadership expertise, transformation & personal growth. I am a Track & Field coach and love skiing.


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