Align with your purpose and activate your potential.”​

Hi I’m Jochem Doolaard, my aim is to fill the gap no school education ever covers; guiding ambitious professionals to add more meaning to their lives and to fully activate their potential.

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Meet Jochem Doolaard

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Hi, I’m Jochem Doolaard and I’m a personal leadership expert. I guide purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to get from being stuck in the hamster wheel to live out what truly matters to them.

I think that is important because when you dare to live out your purpose and express your talents, you will have tons of energy, wake up with a smile on your face, do new things and build a legacy that you are proud of.

From wake-up call to finding purpose

I had my wake-up call 4 years ago.

After 8 years in corporate, going from the supply chain to sales and eventually finance, I asked myself “what on earth am I doing here”? I realized that I was running in a hamster wheel. Even though my life looked perfect on the outside, I didn’t feel fulfilled anymore. Instead, I felt stuck. I desired to create more meaning in my life and live joyfully.

So I decided to break loose from the hamster wheel that I had allowed to keep me captive for years. 

I quit corporate, started a new journey, and found my purpose while doing so. Taking the time to experience new things, which I have always loved, I traveled, did voluntary work, and immersed myself in personal development courses and coaching. I learned how to align with my purpose and how to activate my potential in such a way that I could contribute in a meaningful way to the world. I became part of purpose-driven communities. I met like-minded people, changemakers who truly inspired me.

That’s also when I realized that education simply forgot to teach us how to find the essential information about myself such as my purpose and what my core is all about. Ultimately, that is why I started Dreambuildrs.

My aim is to fill the gap that no school education ever covers;

Inspiring ambitious professionals how to add more meaning to their lives and to fully activate their potential. And not only that, I want to connect them to a supportive network of like-minded peers so that they can build their legacy while learning and evolving together.

If this sounds like you and the meaning and enrichment you are looking for in life, or if you are looking for a speaker to deliver an inspiring keynote to your target audience, then feel free to plan a discovery call with me.

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