We are on a mission to inspire and empower a global community to turn dreams into reality.

Dreambuildrs helps professionals thrive in business and life. We support your growth journey through events, workshops, mentoring, coaching and a purpose-driven community who dare to pursue their dreams.

How Dreambuildrs Works

We believe in the power of purpose, community and transformational events.

Reinventing Growth

We simplify your growth journey by going beyond modern education;
sharing ideas and practices that prioritise purpose, talent and
skills that matter in an agile world.


We are a collaborative support network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals to help each other solve challenges, get clarity and achieve the unimaginable.

Transformational Events

We build events that inspire, empower and connect. From local meetups & workshops created with experts, to life-changing adventures with like-minded peers.

Inspirational Talks & Networking

Are you purpose-driven and looking to grow your professional network?

We passionately create monthly events for purpose-driven entrepreneurs & professionals with the aim to build connections and share powerful ideas to help each other grow faster. Discover an exciting way to learn and gain new insights.

Dreambuildrs Mastermind Trip

This mastermind adventure brings together a tribe of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals for a unique experience at dream locations.

A 4-day reboot where you will turn your mission into reality, get help on your most important goals, whilst having great fun.

Workshops & Mentoring Programs

Do you want to live in alignment with your purpose? Build the life you have always dreamed of?

Our commitment is to provide you with tools and strategies that combined with reflection and energy can lead you to achieve what you desire. All to help you, to be the best version of yourself.

What Our Participants Say

"Adventure, overcoming yourself, enjoying the company of nice and interesting people, learning from each other, sharing the purpose and, summarising that, a Mindful Party - this is what I experienced on the Mastermind event organised by Jochem and Margarida. You may lack an hour or two of sleep there, but you won't lack inspiration to make a step towards your new reality."

Anya Zayats

"The setting was an invitation for deep relaxation and self-reflection. Aside from the “formal” exercises proposed during the stay, I appreciated immensely the opportunity to eat healthy, to awaken our bodies and to connect with one another in a gorgeous scenery. Supported by powerful tools, the discussions during the workshops were flowing and led to beautiful surprises for all of us. The Master Mind session helped me find the key to unlock my thinking process stuck for many months. "

Fanny Rebmann

"The Mastermind with Dreambuildrs was a really valuable experience. A weekend to meet new and interesting people, learn together and, at same time, have a lot of fun! The trainers, Jochem and Margarida, did a great job passing their knowledge, with an innovative approach, keeping us focused and relaxed. For sure I’ll keep for the future what I learned with you all. Thank you!"

Luís Ferreira

Expert Trainers

Jochem and Margarida love to connect people and grow continuously. Driven by purpose and authenticity, they believe joy should be part of everyone’s journey.

Jochem Doolaard

Founder of Dreambuildrs
Leadership trainer

Margarida Sousa

Life Coach
People & Business Manager

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