We are on a mission to inspire and empower a global community to turn dreams into reality.

Dreambuildrs helps professionals thrive in business and life. We support your growth journey through events, workshops, mentoring, coaching and a purpose-driven community who dare to pursue their dreams.

How Dreambuildrs Works

We believe in the power of purpose, community and transformational events.

Reinventing Growth

We simplify your growth journey by going beyond modern education;
sharing ideas and practices that prioritise purpose, talent and
skills that matter in an agile world.


We are a collaborative support network of purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to help each other solve challenges, get clarity and achieve the unimaginable.

Transformational Events

We build events that inspire, empower and connect. From local meetups & workshops created with experts, to life-changing adventures with like-minded peers.

Inspirational Talks & Networking

We passionately create monthly events for entrepreneurs and professionals that bring together inspirational talk and conversation, growth and networking.

It works like this; great speakers share their most valuable knowledge and experience, while you will probably end the night with new business friends.

Dreambuildrs Mastermind Retreat

This mastermind adventure brings together a tribe of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals for a unique experience at dream locations.

A 4 day reboot where you will turn your vision & mission into reality, get help on your biggest challenges whilst having great fun.

Expert Trainers

Jochem and Margarida love to connect people and grow continuously. Driven by purpose and authenticity, they believe joy should be part of everyone’s journey.

Jochem Doolaard

Founder of Dreambuildrs
Leadership trainer

Margarida Sousa

Life Coach
People & Business Manager

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