Get unstuck live out what truly matters to you.

Hi! I'm Jochem Doolaard

As a personal leadership expert, I guide changemakers and professionals to take the courage to live out their dreams & purpose.

Are you struggling to live up to your fullest potential? 

I know how that is. I was stuck in a comfortable corporate career and changed that for life-enriching and meaningful work. I chose to follow my own path, free from societal expectations. It takes balls to live your purpose, but I invite you to step into that great feeling that comes when doing that: waking up feeling joyful and excited, knowing that you will make a positive impact.

How do you even start to realize your dreams?

With Dreambuildrs my aim is to help you realize that living out who you truly are is much more enriching and inspiring than staying stuck or feeling unfulfilled. This is how you can start moving:

Tools for Life

School taught you everything from the outside world. What they forgot to teach you, is everything that’s already inside of you. Together we will discover what is unique about you, so that you can live your purpose in the real world.

Roadmap to Enriched Living

Let’s create the life & work you love and wake up excited for, knowing that you make a positive impact. Together we will define a concrete action plan to redefine success on your own terms so that you can finally move forward.

Network & Support

You don’t have to do it all alone! Together is better. When you join the life-changing retreats and events, you will surround yourself with changemakers, build connections, and get inspired to do the things you never thought you could do or dare alone.

Ways to join Dreambuildrs

Are you ready to rock? Here is how I can help.

Purpose Coaching ​

Work with Jochem 1:1 or enroll in the purpose course that has already helped hundreds of people to get unstuck and find easy-to-apply next steps to embrace a more meaningful, soulful, and joyful career.

Retreat: June 2-5 2022

Join the 4-day retreat to get clarity on your life purpose and make concrete plans for a better future. Get yourself re-energized and inspired with meaningful conversations, beautiful nature, adventure, and an ambitious tribe of changemakers.

Dreambuildrs Home

Imagine a revolutionary place in the world: a third-place between home and work for self-development and transformational learning for mind, body & soul. A new home to unapologetically build your dreams and live out who you truly are.

What purpose-driven peers say about our programs

Free resources to give you a headstart

5 steps to get unstuck and build a more meaningful, enriching life

Download this free guide if you are stuck thinking “what’s next?” Get inspired and energized because when you dare to live out your purpose you will have tons of energy, wake up with a smile on your face, do new things and build a legacy that you are proud of.

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Latest podcasts and inspirational insights​

Join your host Jochem, as speaks with experts in the field of personal leadership and self-development to learn about the ways to activate your true potential and purpose.

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