Escape the hamster wheel and live out what truly matters to you.

When you know there is much more potential in you than you are currently using, and it’s nagging you, we need to meet.

Meet Jochem Doolaard

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Hi, I’m Jochem Doolaard and I’m a personal leadership expert. I guide purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to get from being stuck in the hamster wheel to live out what truly matters to them.

I think that is important because when you dare to live out your purpose and express your talents, you will have tons of energy, wake up with a smile on your face, do new things and build a legacy that you are proud of.

Start building your legacy

Dreambuildrs is a learning network that enables you to live out your purpose, express your talents and build a legacy that you are proud of. Every. Single. Day.

Tools for Life

Start taking the first steps to build your legacy by finding out what really drives you and how you can align with your purpose. We share practices, tools and ideas that school forgot to teach you.

Learning Network

Get encouraged to do the things you never thought you could do or dare alone by being surrounded by a supportive and inspiring community of change makers.

Transformational Events

Build new connections, share and grow together. From local meetups and online masterminds to life-changing adventures and leadership retreats with like-minded peers.​

Ways to join Dreambuildrs

Dreambuildrs offers a learning network and community so that you can take the first steps to start building your legacy. By being surrounded by this supportive and inspiring community of changemakers you get encouraged to do the things you never thought you could do or dare alone.

Build Your Legacy Program​

Work with Jochem 1:1 or through the Build Your Legacy course and program to get the meaning and enrichment in your work & life that you are looking for.

Dreambuildrs Mastermind

Work with Jochem and join our global network with like-minded legacy builders like you, to start taking action, get encouraged, build new friendships, partnerships, co-creation opportunities and much more.

Inspirational Talks and Networking​

Join our monthly online – and free – networking events where purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs come together to build new connections, learn and share ideas to help you take the next move in your career.

What purpose-driven peers say about our programs

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The 7-Step Personal Transformation and Leadership Course That Guides You To Fully Activate Your Potential and Live a More Meaningful Life.

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Latest podcasts and inspirational insights​

Join your host Jochem, as he speaks with purpose-driven creatives and entrepreneurs who are sharing their inspirational ideas and revealing their authentic life stories.

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