Sylvia Jagla: Rise Into Your Power

Making the leap to become independent and earn an income doing what you love? Sylvia Jagla shows you how to rise into your power. She went from being a corporate high-flyer to traveling and working remotely, now helping professionals sustain high-performance lives using neuroscience and mindfulness holistically.

About Sylvia

Sylvia Jagla is a digital transformation consultant, yoga + meditation teacher, neuroscience ninja, and female leadership development coach certified by the University of Oxford. She is passionate about helping ambitious remote professionals sustain high-performance lives using neuroscience and mindfulness holistically.

Sylvia grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Half-orphan, almost homeless at the age of 18, an immigrant (from Poland) with big dreams. After being mobbed as a very young kid, she decided to make a difference in this world. After working few years in corporate, becoming a corporate high-flyer, and eventually quitting her job to travel to India (after listening to her intuition); she finished an 1100 hr yoga, meditation, and breathing training there and has been traveling and working remotely around the world since then.

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Connect with Sylvia:

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to build the confidence within yourself to become independent.
  • Sylvia’s DARE Method:
  • A tool based on neuroscience and psychology to help you surpass fear, insecurity, or limitations within you.
  • How to train your gut feeling and make decisions accordingly.
  • How to define your own mindfulness, leadership, and freedom.
  • The keys to building new habits and implement (micro) change.
  • Creating hardships and challenges for yourself.
  • Sustaining high-performance lives in unprecedented times.
  • How to go from understanding your purpose to living your purpose on a daily basis.

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