Sudhanya Mallick: Knocks from my Soul

Our guest is Sudhanya Mallick, a Corporate Coach & Speaker, Data Architect, Author, and Artist.

About Sudhanya

Sudhanya is a computer science engineer with over thirteen years of experience in corporate. She hails from India and her work took her to many countries, learning and growing into a data architect today. She is passionate about data and emotions. Science, rational reasoning, analytical and structural approach towards her work and clients is one side of her.

The other side of her is an artist, seeking meaning of life through creativity and knowledge. She researched these topics extensively through books, workshops, courses, and daily meditation to go deeper into the world of emotional intelligence. She loves to explore her thoughts and emotions through transcendental poetry. Her first poetry book, ‘Knocks from my Soul’ has 111 empowering poems, to invoke your inner power.

Sudhanya’s poetry book:
Knocks From My Soul

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Sudhanya’s transformational journey that got her from being almost burnout and depressed to build a thriving life & career.
  • The release of her first empowering poetry book “Knocks from my Soul”.
  • Sudhanya’s biggest takeaway from a journey of traveling and working abroad.
  • How you can become more self-aware and bring heart and mind in balance.
  • How you can maintain high energy levels and invoke your inner power.
  • Why you are in charge of your own happiness and growth.

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