Mikko Jarrah: From Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom

Our guest is Mikko Jarrah, a serial entrepreneur and authentic leader that creates impact and changes lives.

About Mikko

Mikko has been a serial entrepreneur that has gone from two bankruptcies and huge debt to financial freedom. After many years of struggle, he has realized that when you chase happiness instead of success, you get everything. When you have internal freedom first, financial freedom will follow. Mikko has extensive experience in building and leading international sales and marketing teams. He has helped tens of thousands of people towards better health and wealth with his teams.

Mikko loves helping people transform their future, using online tools and social media. Today he is enjoying a nomad lifestyle while living a legacy. Mikko is also a coach, mentor, author, and public speaker.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • How Mikko Jarrah got bankrupt, struggled for many years, and reached financial freedom.
  • How to pull yourself out of a hopeless situation and transform that into empowerment and joy.
  • 3 significant steps any entrepreneur should know when starting to build a business.
  • The power of a morning routine and getting to an optimal state of energy.
  • How you can express your authentic self as an entrepreneur.
  • Mikko’s biggest learning lessons from a successful entrepreneurial journey.
  • Strategies and tools to keep thriving in times of immense change.

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