Martina Geromin: The School Beyond Limitations

Our guest is Martina Geromin, an expert in education, knowledge management, leadership, and the CEO and Co-founder of the School Beyond Limitations.

About Martina

Martina’s long-lasting experience as a teacher, university lecturer, trainer, adult educator, and executive in international educational institutions led her to design and co-found ‘School Beyond Limitations’, a unique online and offline learning platform that promotes global citizenship, multicultural sensitivity, personalised learning, outcomes based on inquiry-based learning modalities including personal, professional and entrepreneurial development.

Martina’s mission is to promote long-lasting change through education and personal development. In addition to her academic career (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor in Business Administration in Higher Education Management, Master in Giftedness), she has been working in education for over 35 years.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • How Martina’s long-lasting experience as an expert in education and leadership led her to co-found The School Beyond Limitations.
  • What it is that makes the School Beyond Limitations so unique in the education space.
  • Why education and personal development are vehicles for real change.
  • What skills are crucial in the development of the student in the coming years of change.
  • The top 3 aspects to have students successfully live out their purpose.
  • How the future landscape of education will look like.
  • How teachers can guarantee to create strong friendships and bonds in the online learning space.
  • And more about 21st-century skills, collaboration, communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, etc.

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