Corrie LoGiudice: How to Start Your Own Business

Corrie LoGiudice joins Jochem to talk about entrepreneurship; how to go from your dream and idea to landing your first paid clients. Corrie LoGiudice is a 4th generation entrepreneur, business strategist, coach, and TEDx speaker who helps people become entrepreneurs.

About Corrie

Corrie LoGiudice is a 4th generation entrepreneur, business strategist, coach, and TEDx speaker who helps people become entrepreneurs.

Her signature coaching program, the Validate Your Biz Blueprint, is the only personal and professional development program designed specifically for aspiring and new (1st year or less) entrepreneurs. VYBB helps participants go from idea to landing their very first paying client, validating both their business idea as well as their ability to achieve freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur. It blends personal development skills like mindset and habits along with essential business training in areas like pricing/offers, operations, sales, and marketing, giving those who want to know how to start a business the A-Z blueprint they need to get started.

Corrie also works as a professional motivational speaker and has been featured in TEDx, Business Insider, Girlboss, the Mighty, and more.

In this episode we talk about:

(1) Corrie’s Personal Story:

  • The pivotal life moment that inspired Corrie to make major changes in her life, career, and business.
  • Why she was in overwhelm and was in complete denial about it.
  • Trading a Senior Vice President position at a successful family business for entrepreneurship.
  • Her biggest fear in starting her own business.
  • The skills she needed to confidently go into entrepreneurship.


(2) Dealing with limiting beliefs when stepping into entrepreneurship

  • Dealing with fear of failure.
  • The money mindset block.


(3) Business building: the first steps and key elements to start your own business

  • Building the foundation: a framework to find your purpose.
  • Building the structure: offers, pricing, packaging, payments, marketing, and sales.
  • Scaling and Refining.

(4) Building your story for networking

  • Being able to articulate your positioning statement.
  • The power of networking and getting clients by outbound reach out.

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