Alexander Keehnen: Building Worldwide Purpose-Driven Networks

Our guest is Alexander Keehnen, an Efficiency Expert, Entrepreneur and Networker whose purpose is to connect and unite purpose-driven individuals to co-create a more conscious and sustainable world.

About Alexander

In this episode our guest is Alexander Keehnen, an Entrepreneur, Networker and Efficiency Expert.

Since Alexander discovered personal development when he was 23 years old, he is constantly learning about and upgrading himself. A path that he describes as a continuous search to feel more connected to his higher self. With a radical open-mindedness to be willing to let go of limiting beliefs and to step into something that is truer, each moment. From that space he is driven to connect and unite purpose-driven individuals to co-create a more conscious and sustainable world.

Alexander is very efficiency-minded and realized that the easiest way to shape a harmonized world is by connecting people in a relevant and productive way. Because together we have everything, and when we all share, everybody wins. In 2019, Alexander founded WIN Mastermind as a business network especially for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. In March 2020, Alexander and 5 co-founders initiated Gaianet. The vision is to create the ultimate purpose-driven social network, where individuals and project leaders come together to share resources and uplift New Earth projects.

In this episode we will breakdown the why, how and what behind Alexander’s absolute inspiring and disruptive vision to build beautiful purpose-driven networks, but also to learn from his own personal journey through purpose.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • How Alexander opened his mind to personal development scene.
  • Why he resigned from his job to start a journey he is so passionate about.
  • Three elements that are imperative to how he lives his purpose.
  • His “Surrender Experiment”.
  • Ways to discover your purpose and your unique strengths.
  • Simple life rules to find progress on your journey.
  • His bold and inspiring vision behind Win Mastermind and Gaianet.
  • How that is central to his purpose.
  • The new earth he envisions; a society designed for self-actualization, a regenerative economy, a world living in harmony with nature and much more.

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