Discover Your Life Purpose Now

The 7-Step Personal Transformation Course to Fully Activate Your Potential and Live a More Meaningful Life

Discover Your Life Purpose Now​​​ is for you if:

You know there is more potential in you than you are currently using and it's nagging you.

You want to go from feeling stuck to get more meaning and enrichment in your life.

You have always dreamt about contributing to something that’s bigger than you.

You want to find simple and straightforward tools to align with your purpose.

What you 'll learn

This course will guide you through a simple and straightforward 7-step self-discovery guide that enables you to get from being stuck to living your purpose and live a more meaningful life. By following the simple steps in this course you will instantly find drive, energy and enrichment back into daily life.

Clarity Around Your Unique Life Purpose

Find what you are naturally good at and understand your unique contribution to the world.

Roadmap to Build Impact

Build a unique future vision aligned with your deepest beliefs.

Energy & Inspiration

Learn what makes you tick and thrive to confidently take the first steps to live your legacy.

Meet your trainer

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Hi, I’m Jochem Doolaard and I’m a personal leadership expert. I guide purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to get from being stuck in the hamster wheel to live out what truly matters to them.

I think that is important because when you dare to live out your purpose and express your talents, you will have tons of energy, wake up with a smile on your face, do new things and build a legacy that you are proud of.

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This course will give you the best ideas on living a more meaningful and enriched life.

Discover Your Life Purpose Now

Personal Leadership Course
  • Simple Self-Discovery Techniques
  • Powerful Decision-Making Tools
  • Bite-sized Learning (3 to 5 Min Videos)
  • 7 Classes incl. Roadmap to Enriched Living
  • Workbook for Self-Reflection
  • Special Bonus Offer

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